The Company

EUROTUBI was born in the late 80s with the aim of becoming a reference point to the world of the polyethylene pipes, with the strong conviction that product quality and offered service are the fundamental means to penetrate the market.

Today the product range is extremely wide (from by DE 16 up to DE 1200 mm) and can meet the needs of diverse application areas such as waterworks, fire fighting, gas, district heating, district cooling, sewerage, irrigation and geothermics.

The ability to create specific products for special applications such as underwater pipelines, dredging, drainage, relining, transport of aggressive fluids has allowed Eurotubi to establish itself as a leader on the international scenery.


Research and development

The success and diversity of this range is the result of constant investments in the research and development field.

The products made by Eurotubi meet national and international requirements and several European standards.
EUROTUBI has always tried to operate, evolve and improve, having as targets on the one hand the customer satisfaction, on the other the quality of the product in relation to the evolution of the materials.

In terms of production the quality of EUROTUBI pipes ensues from three key factors: selection and control of raw materials, optimization of the production process and prompt, careful control of the features of the end product.


Integrated management system

Eurotubi srl has been operating for years under an integrated management system of Quality and Environment certified according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001.

The process of certification system for the protection and health of the workers in the workplace according to OHSAS 18001 is currently being implemented.




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